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No Good Asking: a Novel

Release date: October 2, 2018  PRE-ORDER HERE

Ellie and Eric Nyland have moved their two sons back to Eric’s childhood farmhouse, hoping for a fresh start. But there’s no denying it, their family is falling apart, each one of them isolated by private sorrows, stresses, and missed signals. With every passing day, Ellie’s hopes are buried deeper in the harsh winter snows.

When Eric finds Hannah Finch, the girl across the road, wandering alone in the bitter cold, his rusty police instincts kick in, and he soon discovers there are bad things happening in the girl’s house. With nowhere else to send her, the Nylands reluctantly agree to let Hannah stay with them until she can find a new home after the Christmas holidays. But Hannah proves to be more balm than burden, and the Nylands discover that the only thing harder than taking Hannah in may be letting her go.   

ISBN 978-1-77041-438-9

Advance Praise

The humanity in Kimmel’s No Good Asking is as big as the hearts of her arresting characters. In genuine, unaffected prose, this story builds from the first page to its satiating finale. The beauty of Fran Kimmel’s second novel lies deep within the beating hearts of her imperfect characters in an achingly good story. This book has nowhere to go but up. —Lee Kvern, author of 7 Ways to Sunday

Flawed, human and fully-realized, the cast of characters Fran Kimmel brings to life in No Good Asking will peak your interest, charm and frustrate you before capturing your heart. This is book that demonstrates, at a time when we all need it, that sometimes the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. —Joan Crate, author of Black Apple

An inspiring tale of dramatic shifts in human dynamics, compressed into one week. Fran Kimmel compassionately challenges conventional takes on dysfunction, loss, ways to mend, and the definition of family. —Rona Altrows, author of At This Juncture

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